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Did You Know?

The Irish are Celtic people with a rich history of legends and mythology. Leprechauns, the warrior Cú Chulainn, fairies and pots of gold are just a few … For many, the first things that come to mind when Irish culture is mentioned are leprechauns and shamrocks.

But what a lot of people don't know, is Ireland is so much more than that.  Ireland is renowned for its singers and poets.  Enya, Sinead O Connor, U2, Kavanagh and W.B Yeats to name a few.

Our Irish dancing is practiced across the world with River Dance being the most popular of all and for such a small county Ireland has an amazing history of sport success stories and we are proud of each and every achievement.

Ireland’s cities are bursting with modern art, fashion, architecture, international cuisine and culture.  It is a country where our history runs deep and while we embrace our history we welcome the future with open arms.

We are so much more than a small island.  We are Ireland and at Emerald Veils we can bring a touch of Irish heritage and the luck of the Irish to your wedding day.

Irish Wedding veils FAQ’s

Do we offer international shipping for our wedding veils in Ireland?

Yes! All of our wedding veils in Ireland can be shipped internationally.

Can we do consultations for our veils from Ireland remotely?

Yes! If necessary, our team at Emerald Veils are happy to do consultations for our veils from Ireland by video chat.

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